Don’t be bored when you retire

Not going to work anymore? Beginning to feel bored with not having a regular routine? Here are some ways that you can prevent boredom during retirement. It’s important to understand that retirement is a new stage of your life. There may be a period of time for the transition between your life as someone who […]

Retirement and your time

When you retire from work and become an “retired person”, you may either wonder how you are going to fill your days, or on the other hand, find that there is so much to do that you hardly have enough time to do what you really planned to do during your retirement. So what can […]

Retirement is a time to do things NOW

Are you one of those people who promise themselves, and others ‘I’ll do that later’ or ‘I’ll do that in the winter,’ yet another year passes by and those jobs never seem to actually get done! There is something about putting things off for another time that leads to endless procrastination. I know only too […]

Preparing for Retirement

Do you agree with the sentiments expressed in this article which was published in the Zambia Daily Mail: Elephant in the room: Preparing for retirement THE SPIDER’S WEB By CHEELA K CHILALA Retirement is a word that makes most workers shiver. But then, since retirement is an unavoidable reality, it is better to come to […]

Getting older and wiser?

Getting older  means the start of a new decade with new opportunities to finally do what you really want to do and complete those things you intended years ago but which got swept aside because of demands on your time from family and work. Enjoying life as you grow older  depends on having a […]